Rebirth of the blog

Dear Friends and site Visitors,

Back in late 2006 I started a blog at this site but I couldn’t long keep it going.  Today I’m finally back, with hopes of writing more consistently – every few days anyhow.  I certainly do have perspectives and passions, and much to tell – even though at times I lack the patience to tell it well – or at all.

History bids us recall what occurred in Moscow precisely 56 years ago as of this coming Saturday 25 February (in that year 1956 a Saturday too).  Speaking then to his assembled Communist party comrades, Nikita Khrushchev dared finally to mention and condemn ‘the crimes of the Stalin era.’  At that point the USSR’s Communist regime was 38 years old.  Arguably that speech was the very beginning of the regime’s end 35 years later.  From this history we may take heart.  Yes, we still witness and suffer from other inadequate, injurious and even wicked attitudes, practices and regimes.  But no matter how entrenched these may be, we must persist in challenging them.  We – or anyhow our descendants – shall overcome.